What We Do at World Hope Ministries International

World Hope Ministries International (WHMI) is a Christian ministry engaged in training pastors, growing churches, and transforming communities. The core of this approach is teaching pastors and church leaders, then discipling and mentoring them to teach others. Our strategic approach has made WHMI a global leader in delivering basic theological education to pastors in remote or underserved areas and has made it a valuable partner in helping to grow healthy churches and transform communities. WHMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is accredited by the ECFA.[1]

Support to mission causes often focuses on immediate results. While this is appropriate in cases of relief or rescue, WHMI believes, in most other cases, there is a better way. In its forty-year history, WHMI has seen that ministry investment requiring ongoing funding, or the creation of complex programs that must be managed by those from developed nations, is not the most effective approach. Instead of empowering nationals, such strategies often create dependency and, in the long-term, atrophy among nationals.

When pastors are trained, churches are healthier, and healthy churches are God’s primary means of bringing transformation to communities. The discipleship of new pastors can truly begin to multiply as those who have received training actively engage in becoming trainers themselves. All that WHMI does to engage in Kingdom work is built on the foundation of training leaders and working beside churches to help them become healthy. Trained pastors and healthy churches enhance all other Kingdom investments, opening the door to partnering with others who work to invest in projects that can aid in community transformation.


[1] The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability accepts into membership those who maintain high standards of responsible stewardship. Additionally, all ministries of WHMI are subject to our doctrinal statement. See WHMI Doctrinal Statement.

4,563 Approximate # of WHBI Students Trained Last Year
1,567 Cumulative # of WHBI Graduates as of Last Quarter
79 WHBI Locations as of Last Quarter
1033 Cumulative # of Courses Taught Globally as of Last Quarter
19/40 # of WHBI Instructors on the Field Last Quarter (U.S. / Nationals)
199 # of Vetted WHBI Instructors------- U.S.-Based
162 # of Vetted WHBI Instructors - Nationals
5/15 WHGR Mission Teams/Active Projects - Last Year

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