Training Pastors

A Challenge to Go and Teach

FAQs About Training Pastors

If you are interested in becoming an instructor with World Hope Bible Institute, you can learn about the qualifications here. If you're ready to start the application process, let us know by clicking here


Growing Churches

Healthy Churches Are Integral to Kingdom Expansion

When pastors are trained, churches are healthier, and healthy churches are God’s primary means of bringing transformation to communities. World Hope Bible Institute works to disciple pastors and ministry leaders so they can begin to multiply that training to others. Those who have received training actively engage in becoming trainers themselves. All that WHMI does to engage in Kingdom work is built on the foundation of training leaders and working beside churches to help them become healthy. This enhances the value of all other Kingdom investments. Through World Hope Global Reach, we mobilize teams to work with these churches to aid in community transformation.

To find out more about mission work through Global Reach teams, click here.

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